Saturday, August 20, 2011


cherry cheesecake

I worked very hard to arrange the cherries perfectly despite certain children (Son Number Two) trying to mess them up (or rather, sideways and down). I even waited for the glaze to slowly drip down to j~~~ust the right spot and to angle the camera and object to get reflected light on the cherries (but it looks like I failed on the one at the back, so 13 outta 14).

It was by far the best tasting cheesecake of my entire life, but then again, I also have to consider that the "best" cherry cheesecake of my life were the ones I was giving for Christmas presents in the year 1981. I gave one to Tamie's aunt who was a friend of mine from Portuguese class and the next month she introduced us. 

Result: Give A Cheesecake ->  Get A Wife

I held the plate with one hand while shooting with the camera of my phone, a Samsung model SGH-A737, which happens to be cherry colored.


  1. This looks AMAAAAZINNNGG!! I made a summer fruits cheesecake (in summer) but it did not look as good as this!

  2. Aysh: I will let my daughter-in-law know you thought her cheesecake looked good. I am hoping for a repeat performance later this week!