Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coca-Cola Inflation

nostalgic coca-cola

I walk up to the cash register at the restaurant to pay and I just happen to notice the nostalgic Coca-Cola sign on the counter, "Ice Cold Coca-Cola As Always Five (BIG Yellow 5) Cents". I look down at my bill where the price is $1.99 for each regular soft drink. I go over to the table where two policemen are sitting and ask them if they can arrest someone for me, eXplaining the situation. We laugh.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


cherry cheesecake

I worked very hard to arrange the cherries perfectly despite certain children (Son Number Two) trying to mess them up (or rather, sideways and down). I even waited for the glaze to slowly drip down to j~~~ust the right spot and to angle the camera and object to get reflected light on the cherries (but it looks like I failed on the one at the back, so 13 outta 14).

It was by far the best tasting cheesecake of my entire life, but then again, I also have to consider that the "best" cherry cheesecake of my life were the ones I was giving for Christmas presents in the year 1981. I gave one to Tamie's aunt who was a friend of mine from Portuguese class and the next month she introduced us. 

Result: Give A Cheesecake ->  Get A Wife

I held the plate with one hand while shooting with the camera of my phone, a Samsung model SGH-A737, which happens to be cherry colored.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopping with The Easter Bunny

easter bunny with basket hat

We had to have a talk about shop lifting. He kept insisting on wearing the basket as a bonnet like he had wore into the store when he came to shop. I had to explain several times to him:

a) girls wear bonnets, not guys
b) he needed to pay for the basket/bonnet or he would go to jail
c) he wasn't even paid for yet

After he saw the size of the giant carrot behind him in the basket he seemed to be satisfied and agreed to pay for the basket/bonnet if I paid for the carrot.

easter bunny with basket hat
On the way home we named him "Obey Low Bay", which is Fake French for "Hobby Lobby"

I taught him to properly hang on with only 2 minutes of training. (He belongs to my wife Tamie)

Lying Cheese Cloth

Notice that this product is an outright lie. One Hundred Percent Cotton! There is no cheese.

Almost Free Diesel

At the corner of Florida Street and maybe 6th Street (?)

The price was 9/10 of a cent.

Hangers for Dragonflies

large dragonfly

Sometimes a dog chew bone makes the perfect dragonfly hangar.