Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Stole This But They Didn't Try To Shoot Me

I took a picture of this sign, "robbed them", but no one noticed, so there was no shooting. 
At least at me. 
While I was there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Bud-get Plan Is Working

My bud-get plan is working. I don't know what all the fuss is about President Obama and his fancy thick blue book that I saw on teleBision today. His blue book bud-get doesn't look like mine, and my buds are turning into blooms! His flowers appear to be much more eXpensive than mine.

There are about 19 buds in the "bud get-ing" process on this round of orchid branch growth, with 4 blooms so far. I almost lost this plant to a repotting process. I believe I will try a new approach that recycles all the old branches and blooms, and then slowly add a few pieces of fresh orchid potting mix progressively on top of the old. No more major disruptions! I think this plant is around two years old, and has bloomed with fresh branch growth about 4 times, and has had a total of at least 9 leaves.

A shot before any blooms appeared

This was the first bloom of this season of buds

This shot shows my three pineapple plants, and orchid buds & blooms
My little corner of tropical paradise

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Closet

My Shirts

I spent about an hour setting up this shot, cleaning the junk off the top shelf, and finding just the right spot that I wanted to place the camera. I used a tripod. There was very little indirect natural sunlight from the west window outside the closet. I normally keep my shirts equidistantly spaced, but this time I used a physical device to accurately space them. I did not use a flash. Photo was taken with tight aperature and long shutter time, I'll see if I can find that info. I think I spent about a half hour doing the actual shooting.

This photo was taken at my old house. At my current residence my shirt closet has a double rainbow. The shirts that I currently use are in one rainbowed sequence on the west side of the closet while there is another section of brand new shirts on the east.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reading Downside Up

There is a sign on the inside of the door for the Men's restroom at On The Border restaurant in Amarillo TX.
It is a sign in English and Spanish warning about the effects of drinking while you are pregnant.
AND its upside down!

On closer inspection I think I see the problem:
If you look really close at the original photograph there is a hole in the door right where the screw should have been at the TOP of the sign when its in the correct orientation. So maybe somebody stole the screw out of the door at the top of the sign and it then swung down. A screw thief in a bathroom, how bizarre.

My friend wrote: I like it when the inside of the men's room door reads WOMEN.

My Response: When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to put the word "Women" on the inside of the door of the Men's restroom. It reminds us that we are venturing out where they are, kind of like the wording on nautical maps of old: 
"Beyond This Point There Be Dragons!"

My friend's second comment: Or the sign leaving the airport that days "You are now entering the most dangerous part of your journey. Drive safely."

My Response: It really matters whether any of your children have brought along their very own C4 explosive with them instead of their Play-Doh.