Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lost? No, "Found"

Somehow an eXtra bottle of BBQ sauce wound up at the diner. It is not my bottle of Head Country brand in an old Shure-Fine bottle. No one at the diner knows who it belongs to. We are thinking about putting its picture on a milk carton, but Found instead of Lost.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pull Up

These are pictures of the doorway of my favorite local diner. The door opening mechanism failed, but only halfway. It works if you pull up but not if you push down. So they put a sign on the door rather than fixing the door knob thingy and I enjoyed it even if it is difficult to open the door even when you pull up.

The sign that is closer to the knob is the original sign and it started off being rectangular. BUT when the sign itself started to wear out it wasn't replaced, they put up another sign higher up with red ink, with more detailed instructions. The owner told me that people don't notice the red lettered instructions. They blend in well with the other decor.

Pull up !!!