Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Infinite Gorillas

I noticed that the original packaging for this product LOOKS like there is a gorilla holding the package, notice the 4 fingers just above the left middle side of the package, just left of the large word "GORILLA". 

So I decided to improve the package appearance by taking a picture of the original packaging and THEN ... 

STEP ONE: Insert the image shrunk down 7 percent of original size so it looks like the gorilla on the bottle of glue is holding a package of Gorilla Glue. End of STEP ONE

STEP TWO: Then I took the modified picture of STEP ONE and shrunk it down 7 percent and inserted it back into the picture of STEP ONE. Along the way I very carefully trimmed the finger region so that it would look a little more natural. I also inserted a black line at the bottom and left of the inserted image to give it just a hint of a shadow.

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