Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Closet

My Shirts

I spent about an hour setting up this shot, cleaning the junk off the top shelf, and finding just the right spot that I wanted to place the camera. I used a tripod. There was very little indirect natural sunlight from the west window outside the closet. I normally keep my shirts equidistantly spaced, but this time I used a physical device to accurately space them. I did not use a flash. Photo was taken with tight aperature and long shutter time, I'll see if I can find that info. I think I spent about a half hour doing the actual shooting.

This photo was taken at my old house. At my current residence my shirt closet has a double rainbow. The shirts that I currently use are in one rainbowed sequence on the west side of the closet while there is another section of brand new shirts on the east.


  1. So organized. Just looking at it gives me a panic attack. I have the opposite of OCD. Ha! (nice photo!)

  2. Stephanie: I like to tell people I prefer OCO instead of OCD, which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Order, puts a positive spin on things, and besides, its the same letters frontwards and backwards, an improvement, nice and orderly. In truth I am a little bit OCO, so that would make me LOCO, but that's the Spanish word for crazy, so I'll change words to Partially, so POCO, which translated means "little, not much".

  3. Wow! Impressive. Looks like you need to have a pretty tight aperture just to set it up.

    1. Murr: Yes, I shot it with a tight aperture and long exposure time with minimal natural outside reflected light.

      Camera Sony DSC-F828
      Date Feb 17th, 2008
      8 mega pixel
      13 sec exposure
      ISO 64

      I have a better camera now, so I should try this again sometime.

    2. Murr: I have enjoyed getting to read your blog, just discovered it today from Stephanie at "Clay Baboons".

    3. Thanks! Actually, I was referring to a more personal aperture. My own closet is organized geologically, with the most recently worn strata on top. Anyway, it's a great picture.